Get Free Movie Rentals

5 03 2009

Savings – varies.  At least one free DVD rental per week.
Lifestyle Adjustment – little to none

Looking for a way to LEGALLY enjoy free movies?  For those of you who aren’t familiar with McDonald’s redbox DVD kiosks; they are those little red vending machines usually found around McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, or your local grocery store (Homeland if you are in Oklahoma).

These little boxes hold a wide variety of recent DVD releases which are available to rent for $1.00 per night.  Not bad if you are only keeping it for a few nights, but I have never paid to rent a DVD from redbox.  How?  The free redbox rental codes the company sends to my phone every Monday morning first Monday of the month.

You can subscribe to the SMS redbox codes for free here:

The codes give you a free rental (one per credit card) every Monday night every first Monday of the month, good for one use only.  As long as you get it watched and returned by 9PM on Tuesday then you just got a free movie.  Sure beats $3.99 at BlockBuster.

redbox DVD Kiosk

redbox DVD Kiosk